Welcome Home

Welcome Home

New puppy or rescue dog

Bringing a new puppy or dog home is an unforgettable experience, but can easily become a little over-whelming for you and them.



Bringing a new puppy or dog home is an unforgettable experience, but can easily become a little over-whelming for you and them. We know that puppies learn most in their ‘sensitive socialisation periods’ however, taking them to puppy class before they are vaccinated isn’t an option.

The settling in period is crucial to behaviours that your new family member may show in the next few weeks and months, so it’s incredibly important to ensure that these are behaviours you want to see more of, and not the contrary!

We also hear that word ‘socialisation’ being batted around all the time, but getting it right is about achieving the balance between doing too much and too little. In particular for puppies, this needs to be done very carefully in a relatively short time. 


Rescue Dogs

For rescue dogs, the settling in period is vitally important for bonding and building your relationship. Rescue dogs new to the home can often show behaviours that are a result of all the trauma they have been through and time and settling in guidance have been invaluable to many dog adopters I have worked with in the past. I have extensive experience as a post Adoption Behaviour Officer for the UK’s largest animal welfare charity and have worked with over 3000 adopters that wanted and/ or needed guidance in problem prevention and behaviour modification. I am passionate about this work and love the uniqueness of each new partnership I work with. 

Option 1: Advice on getting the right dog or puppy

Are you considering getting a dog or puppy but need some help finding and choosing the right one? 

Or are you thinking of rescuing or rehoming a dog but want some guidance in what to look out for in order to choose a dog that is right for you? 

I can arrange a phone consultation to discuss any queries you may have prior to welcoming your new addition to your home. 

Advice on getting your dog or puppy – £30 (phone consultation)

Option 2: Welcome Home Package


What’s included.

This is a package of 3 home visits tailored to your puppy or dog as an individual. We will help give advice on puppy training as well as problem prevention and basic training for new dogs. You may even wish us to accompany you on your first walk and of course we will give plenty of guidance on teaching your dog/puppy to come back to you.

This package comes with access to online resources, and a phone consultation should you need advice in-between sessions. 

If your puppy or dog needs behavioural modification due to established behaviour problems, please see the behaviour modification packages or contact me for more information. 

Welcome Home Package Prices

£150 for 3 * zoom consultations (50mins – 1hour)

£180* for 3 x 1-1 visits (50mins – 1hour)

£350* for 6 x 1-1 visits (50mins – 1hour)

*To be used within 3 months.


Please email or call for booking availability.

If you are unsure which service is right for you or cannot find a suitable appointment, please contact me. 

As my availability is limited, full payment for services should be made upon booking to reserve your appointment. 

Please see my terms and conditions for my cancellation policy.

Travel outside a 5mile radius of LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT OR WEYBRIDGE:
= cost £10 per additional 5miles.

“I attended Lisa’s Life Skills for Puppies’ course and would highly recommend it . Her communication skills are great, both in terms of listening to your questions and concerns as well as teaching owners and their dogs.”


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Looking forward to helping you welcome home your new puppy or rescue dog.