Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Should you have any queries please contact lisa@dogmestix.com


We use kind training methods at Dogmestix, that have been extensively researched and proven scientifically to work! We do not use ‘bully’ tactics to mould a dog’s behaviour, and are strictly forbidden to by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Any equipment or training method that goes against this will not be permitted in class. We will always give you a suitable alternative to help you train using force free methods.


We reserve the right to ask any person to leave class should we have reasonable cause to do so.


Any information regarding the health and or pre-existing medical conditions/treatment as well as the dog’s behaviour, e.g. aggression, fear must be disclosed on your booking form to ensure I can create the right treatment plan for your dog.


We reserve the right to ask a dog to leave a group session if they are deemed unwell, are not coping in the environment or if a trainer believes they are putting the safety of others at risk. 1-1 training will be available and encouraged for these dogs, but the cost of the course may be forfeited if something is not disclosed in advance, eg. aggression towards other dogs.


If your dog is showing signs of ill health such as vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, or if your bitch is in season – please do not bring your dog to class. You are encouraged to watch the session for continuity of training.


You are responsible for keeping your dog under control at all times.


Please do not let your dog approach other dogs unless instructed to do so by your instructor.


Please seek the owner’s permission before approaching or petting other dogs in class.


We encourage well behaved children to attend training and find they can make great handlers. Children under 16 must be supervised at all times and must not approach other dogs without the owner’s permission. We recommend all children are given strict guidance on how to approach unfamiliar dogs safely and are happy to help educate this.


Payments for courses and workshops are payable in advance and are not refundable for non-attendance of classes. Courses are not refundable if cancelled within 2 weeks of the start date. Cancellations between 2-4weeks will be charged 50% of the course and cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to the course commencing will be charged a £10 admin fee.


1-1 Training sessions and behavioural consultations are payable in advance to reserve your appointment. If cancelled more than 7days prior to the session the amount is fully refundable. If cancelled 48hour-1week prior to the session 50%  will be refunded. Cancellations less than 48hours prior to the booking will not be refunded.


We accept no responsibility for loss, injury or accident that occurs to dog, owner or their accompanying friends and family, or for any veterinary bills arising from any incident whilst undertaking our classes or services or from any advice given.


We will endeavour to take all reasonable care but can not accept any responsibility or liability for the health and safety of dog, owner or their accompanying friends and family.