Puppy Training in Southampton

Puppy Training by Lisa Chapman

Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)

Puppy packages are offered within 30mins of Lee on the Solent and for puppies starting under 14weeks old. Those enrolling before you bring your puppy home will be offered a free virtual 30min session on preparing for your puppy, as this preventative approach to puppy training has the most success.

We aim to assess your puppy’s personality as an individual and tailor a training package that works on their needs to become a well-rounded dog. Every puppy is different, some will have lower frustration tolerance or higher impulsivity and so their course will be designed to help them learn better. Others may need extra help with confidence building and some may need a varied approach. Because every puppy is an individual, I will help to guide you on their individual needs.

We will be working on some or all of the following skills depending on the package and your priorities with your puppy: ‘I can be calm’, ‘I can listen’, ‘I know and can follow the rules’, ‘I can say please’, ‘I like to be touched’, ‘I have confidence’, ‘I like surprises’ and ‘I have the right to be a dog’.



3 x 1 hour in-person sessions

1 x 30min virtual session

Virtual option available UK wide with a total of 3 * 1 hour virtual sessions = £150



5 x 1 hour in person sessions

2 x 30min virtual sessions

Virtual option available UK wide with a total of 5 * 1 hour virtual sessions = £250