Puppy SOS & Dog Emergencies

Urgent Training and Behaviour Advice for Puppies and Dogs

If you are unsure of how to deal with your dog’s problematic behaviour and require urgent dog behavioural advice for your puppy or dog – I can help. Or if you don’t know which package to book or if behaviour modification is a good option for you. As an expert dog behaviourist and accredited training instructor, I can assist you with a host of puppy training and dog behavioural issues and give you an idea of what behaviour modification will look like realistically for your individual dog’s behaviour.

I run 1-hour virtual sessions on weekdays with a limited number of slots, and these are open UK-wide. Some evening and weekend sessions can be facilitated on request.

Are you struggling with your puppy’s mouthing? Are they chewing everything they find? Not sure how to manage your first walk? Wondering why their toilet training isn’t going well? My puppy advice sessions can answer these and a variety of other issues.

My dog behaviour SOS sessions will provide an effective initial discussion and some simple first aid strategies that may help alleviate your current situation and provide oversight of what a programme of dog behaviour modification may look like. If you require emergency help and cannot wait for my weekly session(s) – please contact me directly and I will aim to facilitate an emergency consultation.


Puppy advice SOS

Whatever training advice you have about your puppy, I can help. As a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Accredited Training Instructor with many years experience with puppies (including training puppies to become assistance dogs), we can work
through your training needs together.

These sessions last 1hour and a limited number of slots are available on weekdays. They are virtual sessions so open to everyone UK-wide. If you need an out-of-hours session or another day, please email me and I will accommodate what I can. There are priced at £60 per hour or £80 for evenings and weekend sessions. You will also be given access to my ‘Introduction to Dog Body Language’ webinar.

What this service DOES cover:

  • Puppy training advice on common behaviours such as puppy mouthing, toilet training, obedience, socialisation guidance and preventative confidence building.

What this service DOESN’T cover:

  • Advice on behaviour problems including aggression, fears / phobias, separation distress, abnormal repetitive behaviours, excessive barking etc. For urgent first aid advice on behaviour problems for your puppy, please see Dog / puppy behaviour SOS below.

Dog Behaviour SOS

As a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist with many years giving post-adoption advice for a dog rescue and consulting for a huge variety of complex behaviour problems, I can provide support quickly and give you first-aid advice on the behaviour problem(s) you are experiencing.

What these sessions are for:

  • Emergency first aid advice for behaviour problems.
  • A preliminary risk assessment for the behaviour
  • Strategies to prevent practice of the unwanted behaviour and prevent deterioration.
  • These are likely to include environmental changes and recommended changes in the handling of your dog.
  • Strategies to improve the safety and welfare of the humans and animals involved.
  • Discussion over what a behaviour modification entails and how that may look in your environment.

What these sessions are not:

  • These sessions are designed to give short-term, first-aid advice and do NOT replace a full behavioural modification programme.
  • They do not allow for a full assessment to determine the underlying reasons and motivations for the behaviour.

Held virtually, sessions will be offered weekly. These £100 per hour on weekdays. If you need another day or out of hours (sessions OOH are £120), please email me and I will try and accommodate you. A behaviour SOS gives you £50 off any behaviour package. You will also be given access to my Introduction to Dog Body Language webinar. To book, please complete my behaviour questionnaire. With your consent, I will also contact your vet to inform them that behaviour first aid advice has been given.